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If you are looking for some vintage treasures and accessories, or exceptional Haute Couture gowns, come and meet Odile at her fabulous luxury secondhand shop : Chiner Chic ! We collect the most beautiful items for fashion lovers.

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We travel all over the world for you. We select a range of high luxury and vintage items and jewels, but not only because they're vintage, but because they're rare and precious as well !


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Chiner Chic Concept


 « Chiner Chic » does not content itself with being and ordinary secondhand store. This boutique has a soul and a past. It came into being thanks to a fervent fan fashion : Odile Loeb-Flory. "For me", she says, 'fashion is a love-story". And she's been working memorable years for Yves Saint Laurent, her undisputed master, then two years for Valentino and, finally, for herself, with two boutiques in Monaco (at the Columbia Palace and on the Place du Casino). Over the years, Odile has drawn a loyal following of top-notch clients who today form part of her network. A network which made the "Chiner Chic" project possible.

The storage syndrome also had a fair share of responsability !



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9 Bd du Général Leclerc
06240 Beausoleil

(Face parking Saint-Charles

de Monaco)

Tél :      04 93 96 29 76
Mobile : 06 07 93 09 54
Email : boutique@chinerchic.com


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